Information Design

I have worked primarily as an information designer, ux designer and team lead for most of my career. I've worked on projects large and small. Below are a sampling of projects I've worked on over the years.

Shapemix Mix Engine & Reseller Model

Created the menu structure of the Shapemix Application login and Facebook profile integration process.

Produced the business logic and designed infographic showing how samples, songs and recordings can be monetized in the Shapemix ecosystem.

CVS Specialty Experience

Produced wireframes and site map for a section of CVS's web site dedicated to specialty pharmacies.

Bayer Nexavar Marketing Site

Web site for a drug by Bayer pharmaceutical.

Orange Mobile Content Platform

Translated user stories to use cases and fucntional flows on a large project for Orange Mobile content platform.

UK National Assessment Agency

Worked with stakeholders and teachers to develop an application that allowed teachers to schedule exams for UK students.

I designed the model and functional flow for the application.

Kantar Retail

I designed the search, results and and report generation feature for a consumer shopping data insights company.

British Telecom Gateway Process

I worked with Business analysts, engineers, designers and regulatory authorities to design the process for Internet Service Providers to connect to British Telecom's massive internet backbone.

Mercedes A Class Campaign

I designed the ad managment campaign and public configurator process for the Mercedes A-Class line. The project required that certain assets be delivered at different parts of the campaign.

O2 Bill Manager

I designed a system that allowed hierachical groups of people to pay bills on Mobile Telecom O2's web site.

Dell Re-Architecture

My group worked with Dell to streamline and redesign Dell's computer shopping experience. Our work resulted in a serious uptick in sales.

Colin Owens