Teaching 2006-2014

I taught at four institutions for a total of eight years, including: Rhode Island Sschool of Design, Mass Art, Emerson College and Lesley University.

I taught and developed a variety of courses for undergraduate, graduate and night programs. I am proud of the work that my students have produced during and after classes that I had the privelage to teach.


Visual & Design Systems

I taught visual systems first at Lesley and then at RISD with Tom Ockerse. Systems are forms of communication, their patterns and how they work together. Students studied, mapped and developed patterns, learned how to design in visual systems, and developed final projects that explored structure and behavior.

Information Architecture

I taught this course at MassArt for a couple of years. IA taught students how to discover, organize and visualize data, then develop an application to sort and select records.

Foundation Drawing & Programming

I taught two introductory classes, one for drawing, the other for programming. The courses were surprisingly similar.

Sound & Image

I taught a class that explored sound and image at MassArt.

Senior Studio

Design for Dynamic Media

Colin Owens