Pixability is a video advertising technology company that helps media professionals deliver outstanding campaign performance across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Pixability’s revolutionary approach unites the most advanced targeting capabilities, dynamic campaign optimization, and rich performance and audience insights to deliver the most effective video advertising campaigns on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

At Pixability I was the Principal Product Designer. I led the UX practice. I interviewed media buyers to draw out key insights to optimise the ad buying experience as a seemless, integrated product that users to mange their ad campaigns across different platforms with a single experience.

I developed these learnings as a set of core components and interactions that could be implemented across the product ecosphere.


I redesigned the dashboard to increase legibility of key insights and to reveal pertinent information at the right level.

Rules Engine

I created a rules engine experience that allowed users to select from a set of templates. They could recoconfigure campaigns and ad sets according to spend, view and other metrics.


I designed a clean, flexible and extensible ad buying experience using a key set of simple interaction paradigms. Users could use any other campaign or subset of campaigns as templates for other campaigns. Budgets could be adjusted on the fly. Components were designed for maximum control and delight.

Colin Owens